2. Face drawings for sale in my shop!

    Also part of this Faces zine


  3. Smile


  4. Q & A With Artist Elizabeth Graeber


    Q & A With Artist Elizabeth Graeber

    Illustration extraordinaire Elizabeth Graeber answered a few of my questions about her fun, light hearted artwork!


    “I have always like to draw and paint, my style may have changed some over the years but is mostly the same. Materials I use are pen, ink, watercolor and gouache.”

    Elizabeth first got involved with creating artist magazines because, she “thought it was a fun and different way to…

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  6. the-emotionary:

    FEIGNERSTAND - (feign + understand) v. to pretend you have finally heard another person after asking to repeat themselves 3+ times


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  8. Poet portraits


  9. A few seeds planted outside to grow this spring and summer..!